Study: Link Quality Holds More Value Than Quantity

Man juggling blocks to illustrate quality links over quantity

Backlinks have long been used by search engines to determine where and how to rank websites. If a website has a significant number of backlinks from authoritative, relevant sources, it will naturally rank higher than a competing site with few-to-no backlinks. This has prompted many webmasters to focus their SEO efforts on building as many […]

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How to Obtain Backlinks for a Local Business Website

pin in atlas targeting local backlinks

Every small business should have a website. Whether you choose to sell products/services online or not, a website will create the perception of a more professional, modern business. And that will yield more customers to your respective establishment. One of the hurdles of launching a small business website, however, is obtaining backlinks for it. Google, […]

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Internal Linking: Best Practices to Follow


When you’re busy writing articles and crafting new content for your website, it’s easy to overlook the importance of internal links. Besides, what value (if any) do internal links really offer? Well, when used correctly, they can prove beneficial for both usability and SEO purposes. In order to take full advantage of them, there are […]

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How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Backlinks


Still struggling to find high-quality backlinks that are relevant to your website’s niche/industry? Sure, you can use guest blogging and social media to promote your website and build links, but they generally have a low level of relevancy. A better solution is to find websites that are closely related to your own website’s topic, creating […]

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How Does Google Define a ‘Paid’ Link?


You don’t have to be a professional search marketing expert to know that Google frowns upon paid links. When a webmaster buys a link, it’s considered to a violation of Google’s terms and conditions; thus, the offending website may receive a rankings penalty as a result. But the line between natural and paid links isn’t […]

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Help! My Website Has ‘Bad’ Backlinks


Backlinks play an important role in where and how websites rank in the search engines. Websites with backlinks from authoritative, relevant sources will naturally rank higher than websites with few-to-no backlinks. But it’s not just the quantity of backlinks that affect a website’s ranking. It’s also their relevancy and overall quality. If your website has […]

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Reciprocal Linkbuilding: What You Should Know

Reciprocal links offer a quick and effective way for webmasters to generate backlinks. As the name suggests, it involves creating an unofficial partnership with another webmaster in which you create a link pointing to his or her website, and they create a link pointing to yours. This practice may seem harmless enough on the surface, […]

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How Many Backlinks Should I Create at Once?

Should you create one or one hundred backlinks at once? This is a question many Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs ask themselves. It’s no secret that Google, Bing, Yahoo and even the smaller search engines use backlinks to determine where and how websites rank. If a website has a lot backlinks from authoritative sources that […]

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Should I Pay For Backlinks?

Google uses hundreds of different signal to determine where and how a website ranks. Due to the complexity of its ranking algorithm, it’s virtually impossible to know exactly how to rank a specific website for a specific keyword. However, the general consensus is that backlinks hold a great deal of influence in a site’s ranking, […]

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How To Perform a Backlink Audit

When was the last time you performed an internal audit of your website’s baclinks? When you’re busy creating new content, managing visitor comments, and promoting your website in general, it’s easy to overlook something as simple as a backlink audit. Unfortunately, however, this type of neglect can have disastrous consequences if low-quality links are allowed […]

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