The task of search engine optimization, or boosting your webpage's rank in search engine results, is vital to the success of your website. No matter how valuable your site's content, you won't get traffic if it doesn't appear high on the list of search results for its niche.

SEO has changed dramatically over the years, responding in large part to changes made to the search engines themselves. As searching technology improves and becomes more sophisticated, the path to the first page of search engine results changes. Many old SEO tactics no longer work, and some things that didn't even exist a decade ago are now of utmost importance to page ranking.

To help you navigate these changes, this guide will look at the current state of SEO and provide you with practical tips for acquiring backlinks and boosting your site's visibility. Most importantly, these tips have been identified by SEO experts as having sticking power. By employing these strategies, you can ensure the value of your site in the long-term, weathering the storms of Google algorithm changes without suffering a loss in page rank.

How to Create Content that Attracts Backlinks

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If you keep up with our blog here at AllNaturalLinks.com, you are probably well aware of the importance of building backlinks. Google, Bing and Yahoo all use backlinks to determine where and how a website should rank. This leaves many webmasters to believe that it’s OK to purchase backlinks in an effort to raise their […]

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Study: Link Quality Holds More Value Than Quantity

Man juggling blocks to illustrate quality links over quantity

Backlinks have long been used by search engines to determine where and how to rank websites. If a website has a significant number of backlinks from authoritative, relevant sources, it will naturally rank higher than a competing site with few-to-no backlinks. This has prompted many webmasters to focus their SEO efforts on building as many […]

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How to Obtain Backlinks for a Local Business Website

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Every small business should have a website. Whether you choose to sell products/services online or not, a website will create the perception of a more professional, modern business. And that will yield more customers to your respective establishment. One of the hurdles of launching a small business website, however, is obtaining backlinks for it. Google, […]

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Why Your Backlink Strategy Isn’t Working

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Can’t seem to achieve a top search ranking no matter how much time you invest into off-site SEO? It’s no secret that backlinks are used by search engines to determine where and how a website ranks. If a website has a significant number of backlinks from health-related sources, it’s more likely to rank for health-related […]

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Internal Linking: Best Practices to Follow


When you’re busy writing articles and crafting new content for your website, it’s easy to overlook the importance of internal links. Besides, what value (if any) do internal links really offer? Well, when used correctly, they can prove beneficial for both usability and SEO purposes. In order to take full advantage of them, there are […]

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How to Spy on Your Competitors’ Backlinks


Still struggling to find high-quality backlinks that are relevant to your website’s niche/industry? Sure, you can use guest blogging and social media to promote your website and build links, but they generally have a low level of relevancy. A better solution is to find websites that are closely related to your own website’s topic, creating […]

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Sustainable Link-Building Techniques that Work

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If you keep up with our blog here at AllNaturalLinks, you are probably well aware of the importance of backlinks. Search engines use both the quality and quantity of a website’s backlinks to determine its ranking. So if you operate an online wedding boutique and want to rank for keywords such as “used wedding dresses,” […]

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How to Avoid a Google Penalty


It’s no secret that a website’s search ranking directly influences the amount of traffic it receives. According to a study conducted by the online marketing firm Chitka, websites listed in the #1 position on Google receive 32.5% traffic share, whereas websites in the #11 position receive just 1% traffic share. In order to achieve and […]

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Do Social Media Links Offer any SEO Value?

social media link building graphic

Backlinks remain one of the most influential factors that affect a website’s search ranking. If a website has a high number of backlinks from relevant, authoritative sources, it will naturally rank higher than a similar website with few-to-no backlinks. But how does Google view backlinks created through social media? Do they offer any real benefit […]

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How Does Google Define a ‘Paid’ Link?


You don’t have to be a professional search marketing expert to know that Google frowns upon paid links. When a webmaster buys a link, it’s considered to a violation of Google’s terms and conditions; thus, the offending website may receive a rankings penalty as a result. But the line between natural and paid links isn’t […]

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