Google Devalues Doorway Pages


Google is once again shaking things up for webmasters and Internet marketers. In a recent blog post, the Mountain View company confirmed it was devaluing doorway pages to improve the quality of its search results. Whether you currently use doorway pages or not, you should take note of this recent change and the implications it […]

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Guest Blogging For Backlinks: Does It Still Work?

In the wake of Google’s infamous Panda and Penguin updates, more and more webmasters are looking towards safe, whitehat link-building techniques. One such technique that remains an effective way to drive direct traffic while subsequently building backlinks is guest blogging. What Is Guest Blogging? Guest blogging refers to the process of creating and publishing a […]

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How to Review a Site for Linking Potential?

When evaluating whether you want a link from a site, you can do a subjective review to help make the decision. Here are a series of steps to take. All are subjective, but they can provide guidance. It’s OK to continue even if a criteria isn’t met, but to note it. We are looking for overall […]

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Good Morning!  Today is day 1 of our case study for  We will profile this site for the next year.  Our goal is to discover the natural link building techniques used to grow this site from invisible to unstoppable. A few facts: This is a new domain.  It has never been used before. The […]

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Above The Fold, Under The Fold: What’s The Difference?

The term’s “above the fold” and “under the fold” have become increasingly popular in the last few years. With Google placing more of an emphasis on user experience, it’s important for webmasters to deliver their content appropriately. While there are dozens of elements which factor in to a website’s user experience, it’s usually best to […]

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Simple Ways To Increase Web Traffic

Still struggling to generate traffic to your website? It’s hard to run a successful web-based business without traffic. Traffic translates into visitors and visitors translates into sales. But the problem faced by many webmasters is trying to find effective sources of traffic. When searching for ways to generate traffic, you’ve probably come across dozens of […]

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What Is a Traffic Exchange?

With more and more people looking to earn a side income online, traffic exchanges have become increasingly popular. The truth, however, is that traffic exchanges have been around since the dawn of the Internet, with some of earliest exchanges dating all the way back the the early 1990s. To learn more about these exchanges and […]

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A Few Backlink Opportunities for Your Business

The ideas discussed above will provide you with plenty of rich opportunities for building backlinks and generating traffic back to your website. By and large, however, they work best with content-heavy websites that deal primarily in information. If you are running a business, your website is important, but you may not have much content left […]

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Benefits of Email Marketing and Why You Should Build a List

List building is arguably the single most effective form of online marketing. Marketing products and services using a static landing page ultimately limits your business’s scalability. If the visitor doesn’t take action, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see them again. List building, on the other hand, allows you to market the same user multiple times; thus, […]

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