The task of search engine optimization, or boosting your webpage's rank in search engine results, is vital to the success of your website. No matter how valuable your site's content, you won't get traffic if it doesn't appear high on the list of search results for its niche.

SEO has changed dramatically over the years, responding in large part to changes made to the search engines themselves. As searching technology improves and becomes more sophisticated, the path to the first page of search engine results changes. Many old SEO tactics no longer work, and some things that didn't even exist a decade ago are now of utmost importance to page ranking.

To help you navigate these changes, this guide will look at the current state of SEO and provide you with practical tips for acquiring backlinks and boosting your site's visibility. Most importantly, these tips have been identified by SEO experts as having sticking power. By employing these strategies, you can ensure the value of your site in the long-term, weathering the storms of Google algorithm changes without suffering a loss in page rank.

Help! My Website Has ‘Bad’ Backlinks


Backlinks play an important role in where and how websites rank in the search engines. Websites with backlinks from authoritative, relevant sources will naturally rank higher than websites with few-to-no backlinks. But it’s not just the quantity of backlinks that affect a website’s ranking. It’s also their relevancy and overall quality. If your website has […]

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Why You Should Avoid Black-Hat Link Building Tactics

Black tall hat

It’s no secret that backlinks play an important role in where and how a website ranks in the search engines. While Google, Bing and Yahoo all used advanced ranking algorithms that look for hundreds of ranking “signals,” backlinks remain one of the most influential. But there’s a certain type of link-building tactic that you’ll want […]

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Smart Link Building Tactics and Techniques

Man holding a lightbulb

Design Feedback This is one of the lesser-known methods for attracting backlinks. It involves submitting your website, logo, banner or some other “design element” to a feedback website, at which point users will share their comments about it. There are several different feedback websites that fall under this category, the most popular being ConceptFeedback.com. Just […]

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Beware: These Link-Building Tactics May Harm Your Rankings

Crossing chain links

Few elements hold as much influence over a site’s search ranking as backlinks. Since the dawn of the Internet, search engines have relied on backlinks to help determine where and how to rank websites. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that all backlinks are good. On the contrary, some may have a negative impact on your […]

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Link Building Myths and Misconceptions

Think you know everything there is to know about link building? Think again. This dynamic, ever-changing field is riddled with misinformation, leading many webmasters down the wrong path. In an effort to separate the fact from the fiction, we’re going to debunk some of the most common link-building myths. Link Building Is For Spammers While […]

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Google Advises Against Manual Link Building

It’s no secret that backlinks play a key role in where and how a website ranks in the search engines. Websites with a large number of backlinks from relevant, authoritative sources will reap the benefits of higher search rankings. It’s just that simple. But a recent statement made by Google’s John Mueller is causing some […]

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Reciprocal Linkbuilding: What You Should Know

Reciprocal links offer a quick and effective way for webmasters to generate backlinks. As the name suggests, it involves creating an unofficial partnership with another webmaster in which you create a link pointing to his or her website, and they create a link pointing to yours. This practice may seem harmless enough on the surface, […]

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Crafting Content That Attracts Backlinks


It’s no secret that the quantity and relevancy of a site’s backlinks play an important role in its search ranking. Unfortunately, though, many webmasters assume the best approach to optimizing their site for a higher search ranking is to churn out as many links as possible. This tactic may yield some initial traffic, but it’s […]

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Give a Testimonial, Get a Backlink

While Google is constantly tweaking the algorithm it uses to rank websites, backlinks remain one of the most influential factors (AKA signals) in its formula. Websites that invest the necessary resources into creating authoritative, quality backlinks will reap the benefits of higher Google rankings. It’s just that simple. Today, we’re going to reveal a lesser-known […]

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How Many Backlinks Should I Create at Once?

Should you create one or one hundred backlinks at once? This is a question many Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs ask themselves. It’s no secret that Google, Bing, Yahoo and even the smaller search engines use backlinks to determine where and how websites rank. If a website has a lot backlinks from authoritative sources that […]

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