Generate Backlinks Through ‘Mentions’ of Your Brand Name

light-bulb-idea-01It’s no secret that backlinks play a critical role in determining where and how a website ranks in the search results. Search engines uses hundreds of different factors in their ranking algorithm, including load times, domain age, and backlink relevancy/quality. But how are you supposed to build backlinks without getting caught in the crossfire of Google’s infamous Panda and Penguin updates?

We’ve discussed numerous safe, all-natural link-building techniques here on our blog, but something we haven’t discussed is achieving backlinks through mentions of your brand name. Basically, this technique involves finding articles, social posts, and blog posts about your brand, and then asking the respective webmaster to link back to your website. Nine out of ten times the webmaster will agree, at which point you’ll have an extra backlink added to your portfolio.

The first step is utilizing this technique is to find mentions of your band name. There are several different ways to accomplish this, such as manually searching for your brand, or using software to perform the task for you. If you’re serious about building backlinks and want to streamline the process (which you should), it’s recommended that you use software or an online tool to perform this task., BuzzSumo, and Google News are all excellent choices. Just set up your account, tell the software which word or phrases to look for, and you’ll be notified anytime a new story is published about your brand.

Go ahead and create a list of webpages in which your brand name is mentioned. Remember, you want to focus on news-style articles, social posts and blog posts for maximum effectiveness. When you are creating this list, make a note of the website’s contact email address, as you’ll need this to request a backlink.

The final step involves contacting each and every webpage on which your brand name is mentioned to request a backlink. You don’t have to write some drawn-out letter, but instead keep it short and to the point. A typical request email may state:


I came across [insert webpage URL here] the other day and noticed it mentioned my brand name. First of all, I want to say thanks for featuring us on your website. I also want to know if there’s any way you could include a backlink to my website. I think this will help your site’s visitors find my brand more easily. In any case, thanks again and hope to hear back from you!


[your name]”

Do you currently use this technique to drive backlinks to your website or blog? Let us know in the comments section below!

3 Responses so far.

  1. Gary Reese says:

    While reading your post I tried few of the Google Advanced search commands for one of my client and found loads link building opportunities

  2. Teri Evans says:

    A real Gold mine.Thanks for spending the time putting this together

  3. Beth Shephard says:

    It works well when you have some one who has taken images and just linked back to the brand name and not the site itself.

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