How To Generate More Subscribers To Your Newsletter

Still struggling to generate a decent number of subscribers for your newsletter? Making subtle changes to your squeeze page, such as color, can make a huge difference. Allowing your squeeze page to produce minimal results is essentially leaving free money at the table, so you should always try optimizing your squeeze page to get better results.

The easiest and most effective way to increase the number of subscribers on your squeeze page is to offer them something for signing up. Whether it’s a “shocking report” or just a helpful tool, you need some form of incentive to entice your website’s visitors to sign up. When the visitor sees they can receive something of actual value to them, they’ll be more inclined to enter his or email address and sign up for your newsletter

So, just what types of incentives should you give your visitors for subscribing? They sky’s the limit as far what you offer your visitors. However, it’s important that you keep your incentives related to your website and the general demographic of your visitors. For instance, if your website is about dieting and weight loss, a “special report” or “shocking weight loss tip” will generally do well. On the hand, if your website is trying to sell a product towards marketers, a tutorial video or useful piece of software will work better.

If you’re having trouble finding some incentive to give your visitors, here are a few ideas:

  • Special reports
  • Helpful videos
  • WordPress plugins
  • Software
  • Coupon codes or discounts for other websites
  • PLR Articles
  • Tools

Making Changes To Your Squeeze Page

Contrary to what many marketers and webmasters believe, “simplistic” style squeeze pages generally work better. If you have too many graphics, text and other elements on your website, your visitors simply wont know what to. Instead, keep your squeeze page simple by using a header with a clear message, a sign up button with flashy arrows and a short blurb of text about why they should subscribe below. Remember, just because you CAN add more text to a webpage doesn’t mean you should.

Try swapping some of the colors around on your squeeze page. I’ve found that red-colored sign up buttons generally have a higher conversion rate than dark colors. Probably the worst converting color I’ve come across is black. If you’re using black or some other dark color, try swapping it out for red or yellow. Subtle changes such as the color of your sign up button can increase your subscriber rate by as much as 30% or more.

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