The age of search engine optimization is moving from the wild, wild, west where the one with the most keywords stuffed into meta tags won to an era where human readable content that adds value overall is the winner.

That being said, assigning authority to this human-readable content is Googles mission.  Google attempts to return the best results from a visitors perspective that has the highest authority.

Authority used to mean having the most links, any links, from any place.  It didnt matter if the links were relevant.  It didn’t matter if the linking site was credible.  For high authority linking sites, more juice was passed, but for bad sites, sites where the link had no relevance, there were no repercussions.  And, given enough of these, it helped search rankings.

So, here we are.  An era where authority is given by evaluating the quality and the topic of the linking site to the linked site.  It is an era where links need to make sense.  Where links need to be natural fits.

Our philosophy is to support Googles mission of bringing quality to the visitor while simultaneously helping our clients obtain links that are natural.

We believe in creating an ecosystem of like minded webmasters and search pros to link their quality articles to others within the ecosystem based not on keywords, but on topics and themes.  We believe in hand curating excellent, well-written, readable posts and ensuring that they receive quality links.

If you would like to be included in this ecosystem.  If you feel you have content that deserves links and are willing to link to other quality content, then please submit your site and a specific article for review.  If your site meets the quality standards of staff then you will receive an personal invitation to be a part of this ecosystem.

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