Link Removal Tools

Google has gotten really picky about inbound link quality.  These are recognized by google and published in Webmaster tools as “unnatural links”.  We have moved 180 degrees,  once there we companies that only focus on adding links of varying quality.  Now there are organizations and third party tools that will assist with the link cleanup effort.

If you are going to use one of these services, it is important to understand how they intend to contact the webmasters of the inbound linking sites.  Most sites do not make it easy to find someone that can help.  Link Ransom: Ironically, some sites charge to remove links.

One of the greatest challenges looking for links is finding the person who can add a link to a site.  This same challenge occurs when identifying who can remove a link.  As this is often the same person.

The key to removing a link is identifying the person who can remove it and determining if a tool can do this for you.  This process ends with the Google disavow tool.

There is not any reason not to use a service or tool.  There isnt any downside from an SEO perspective.  However, using a tool will have varying level of effectiveness.  And, may require using a service anyway.


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