What is a Natural Link?

In the simplest sense, a natural link is a hyperlink from one article to another where the secondary article provides more details that benefit the reader of the first.  The hyperlink can be to a definition, an authority to strengthen a point, a trusted seller in the case of a product or any other type of reference.

Natural links are called natural because they genuinely improve the experience for the reader and are logically connected.  Natural links tend to be created by an author seeking to support the topic they’re writing.

So, how can I speed up the natural link process?  Well, you can’t.  Not exactly.  After all, no one will link to you if they don’t know you are there.  Since most authors turn to search engines to find authority sites to which they will link, it creates a circular dilemma.  You cannot receive links if you cannot be found.  You will not be found if you do not have sufficient authority links.

That’s where natural link “matchmaking” comes in.  You want to link to articles that meet a level of quality only found through an editorial review.  Likewise, you want your inbound links to come from quality articles and sites.  In both cases the theme of the articles must be congruent and logically connected.

Link matchmaking acts like an editorial review, quality assurance and link brokering all in one.  The articles on your site will link to others.  Different others will link to your site.  The key is the links are relevant to the reader.

If you are interested in learning more about Link Matchmaking enter your information in the “Write-for-us” form and include your site URL.  After an editorial review, you will be contacted by a trusted matchmaker.

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