Tips To Attract More Links With Your Content


The adage “Content is king” holds true in the webmaster/Internet marketing industry. Regardless of your niche, it’s crucial that you constantly publish high-quality content on a regular basis. Doing so will improve your brand visibility, generate more visitors, and it will attract more backlinks. Publishing content alone can yield a significant number of relevant backlinks when done properly, but there are a few things you should know to reap the most benefit from this practice.

When publishing content on your blog or website, focus on quality over quantity. The old days of throwing up a dozen generic articles per week to achieve a high search engine rank are gone. Now, it takes a more methodical process to achieve a desirable rank. If you’re willing to invest the time and energy into creating high-quality content, though, you’ll reap the benefits of more backlinks, and subsequently a higher search engine ranking.

The first step in creating a powerful link-attracting piece of content is research. Use tools like Google Trends, Google News, Topsy and Twitter to see what topics are hot. By focusing your content on topics that people are searching for, you’ll attract more links to your site. This can be something as simple as a news-related story that’s relevant to your niche, or it can be your personal perspective on a particular subject.

Don’t get caught up in useless metrics like word count or keyword density ratio when creating new web content. Again, these metrics were helpful in the past but have since fizzled out in the wake of recent Google updates. Trying to keep up with these metrics will only slow you down. A better approach is to create content with the end user in mind. Ask yourself, does this article/blog post provide something of value to the reader? If it does, then you can move on to the next article. If it doesn’t, you should go back and edit it.

Another important step to attract more links with your content is to break it up. Don’t make the mistake of creating a long wall of text, as this discourages visitors from reading it. The human brain is hard-wired to read by skimming sections rather than word-for-word; therefore, you should break your content into small, easy-to-digest paragraphs along with headings and sub-headings (when applicable). In doing so, you’ll make it easier for visitors to read your site’s content, which should generate more backlinks to your site.

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